Hirwal Pratishthan Hirwal Pratishthan

              Few extraordinary persons does not need a special introduction, their work done for masses becomes their identity. One of distinguished personality of this kind is 'Shri. Kishore Dharia'. By the selfless working style Bhai has made his own identity. Hardly few can be found who are as ideal as Bhai. By his modest nature more than four decades he has undoubtedly made his own recognition as a complete ideal personality.
              Kishorebhai Dharia, a self contained personality! On 24th October 1967 at historical place of Mahad (Dist. Raigad) Bhai born. His commerce graduation was completed at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College (Mahad).
              Bhai means an all rounder personality who has in depth study of social, political, modern technology, problems of masses and this fact is very much well known and realised by everybody around him.
              After looking at Bhai one can see that a complete , well versed, ideal social workers all virtues are filled in him. Even after possessing so much he does not have ego over anything. This is very reason why he is surrounded by people who love him.
              Social organisations are run by all political and social people But one in lacks must be like Kishorebhai who has passion and capacity to run it on self power. For the same reason Hirwal Pratishthan is a working for a noble cause without any financial attraction. Completing any issue undertaken successfully and on completion giving the credit to masses with congratulations to them is what Kishorebhai does always.
              Every issue and happening in and around Mahad district and surrounding are being looked after by him individually with pursue of same till solving it is his routine activity. That is why he hold a position of immense respect in minds of people.
              Bhai has started College of IIT providing computer education through Hirwal Pratishthan, to provide overall knowledge along with quality school education Bhai started Gurukul Academy, founded Hirawal Dilasa to make women stronger and independent providing them job via Bachat gat scheme. He did not stopped only on this but he talks with every colleague with concern knowing his status and about his family while taking a glimpse over work done. Due to this nature he is an all time support for his colleagues.
              Bhai has always built up person! It is said that A family is built when a person is built, A community is built when a family is built and Nation progress thru this only. But according to Bhai, to built up a person he should be guided and his family should be provided with a source of earning and only if a person is able to do this he will take himself on the path of progress.' This invaluable work is done by Kishorebhai.

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